sabato 24 febbraio 2018

Odeeno - Mattglre

Arriva dalla Campania e si chiama Odeeno, giovane beatmaker italico che fa uscire questo EP di 6 tracce strumentali ed oniriche.

L'ascolto è consigliatissimo, come anche il download, che è gratuito o con donazione da questo link!

martedì 20 febbraio 2018

Upper Echelon - Upper Echelon

11 tracce cupe, claustrofobiche...rime lente, quasi strascicate..ecco il nuovo del collettivo inglese Upper Echelon, una piacevolissima sorpresa.

Un album davvero originale che vi consiglio di ascoltare ed acquistare cliccando qui.

And there was given me a reed like unto a rod; and the angel stood, saying, 'Rise, and measure the temple of god, and the altar, and them that worship therein.


sabato 17 febbraio 2018

Onra - Nobody Has To Know

E' uscito il nuovo lavoro di Onra, producer di fama mondiale, famoso per i 3 capitoli di beat tapes "Chinoiseries".

"Nobody Has To Know" è idealmente il seguito di "Long Distance", album strumentale di funk futuristico con samples pescati da dischi anni 80; 13 tracce di cosmic funk con sfumature "eighties" e atmosfere soft.

Ascoltate l'album qui, disponibile in download digitale, in cd, cassetta e pure vinile!!!

Few artforms are as apt to describing the fervour and tumult of human emotions as music is. Songs transport us to real and imaginary places, living someone else's experiences as our own, connecting with thoughts and feelings through melodies, rhythm and words. As a producer working primarily with the tools of traditional Hip-Hop – samplers, records, synthesizers – Onra has distinguished himself over the past decade as one of the best of his generation, capable of creating vivid music that sparks the mind of the listener and brings them along to uniquely detailed spaces, both real and imagined. On “Nobody Has To Know”, his fifth album for All City Records, the versatile French producer created music that reflects on the various aspects of a secret relationship pulling from R&B,New Jack Swing and Funk to soundtrack the passions of attraction.
Stylistically “Nobody Has To Know” picks up from the Future Funk style Onra originated on his 2010's “Long Distance” (and its 2012 companion EP “Deep In The Night” for Fool's Gold). Where those two releases mined the early and mid parts of the 1980s for ideas and references, the new album digs into late '80s and early '90s jams for smoother and richer sounds. Bolstering the record are two talented multi-instrumentalists, New Zealand's Lewis McCallum and Belgium's Pomrad, who bring touches of virtuosity to Onra's trademark smooth arrangements. The result is a record that, like its theme, oscillates between tender, torrid and tumultuous.

Over its 13 tracks “Nobody Has To Know” details the ups and downs of a secret relationship, from the excitement of doing something forbidden to the aftermath of living out fantasies. On "Let Me Fantasize" a rolling bassline and sparkling melodies capture the excitement of what is possible, the mind wandering into the forbidden. "No Question" taps into New Jack Swing to act out desires that can't be suppressed, exuberant solos echoing dangerous feelings. With its hard drums and smooth horn solos, and chorus of "Freak" takes you to that place where you can do things you only dreamed about. Balancing this intensity are more introspective moments. "Not Long Ago" rolls out gentle synth solos and nostalgic samples to reflect on past relationships and the very human desire to have what you had or can no longer reach. Rich textures and a languid rhythm underpin the reflective mood of "Nothing To Lose," as you wonder what could go wrong – it's a fine line after all.

The fantasizing, excitement and danger of fatal attraction are all reflected through the prism of the music. With “Nobody Has To Know” Onra deftly evolves the style he first began to explore a decade ago with his unique touch, re-affirming a unique sound rooted in warmth and setting the mood for some late-night escapades.

lunedì 12 febbraio 2018

Konchis - Wildlife

Oggi è il turno di un mini EP che arriva dalla Gran Bretagna, e precisamente da Glasgow. Konchis è il beatmaker che sforna 5 tracce brevi di cosmic funk e beats squantizzati e parecchio lo-fi.

Un ottimo lavoro da scaricare gratuitamente o con donazione da questo link.

venerdì 9 febbraio 2018

OJ Son - Holiday EP

In Australia è estate, e quale miglior beat tape ci può essere per godersi il caldo e il mare? Questo nuovo lavoro di OJ Son, beatmaker australiano di gran gusto, fa al caso nostro.

Il funk e il boom bap la fanno da padroni, peccato solo per la breve durata (6 pezzi).

Il download è a prezzo amico di UN dollaro o più da questo link!

lunedì 5 febbraio 2018

Matthewmaticus - Interiors

Oggi vi segnalo questo EP strumentale di Matthewmaticus, talentuoso beatmaker americano.

6 tracce ben prodotte, in bilico tra funk e samples anni 80; download gratuito o con donazione da questo link.

A six track instrumental EP from Matthewmaticus. This is his first project since 2015 and his debut project as a producer/beat-maker. This is the first release in an EP series which will culminate in the release of his newest album, EXILE.