sabato 22 gennaio 2011

Tarik Sabar - The Key

Penso sia uno dei primissimi casi di disco allegato ad un concorso enigmistico (!!!): il nuovo lavoro strumentale di Tarik Sabar è un ottimo concentrato di beats, soul e funk e in più c'è la possibilità di vincere disco è in vendita dal suo Bandcamp, in più trovate tutte le info per il concorso allegato!

Born in southern Louisiana, Tarik Sabar was raised in a house filled with both art and music. Even as a young child, he became aware of a need for creative outlet. Back then, two pencils, a few books and pot covers from the kitchen was all that was necessary for Tarik to express the drum patterns within.

Tarik's drive to create music and re-arrange sounds was refueled in his preteen years, when he received a General Electric dual-cassette recorder as a gift from his mother. For hours at a time he would stay in his bedroom with this simple device, creating mixes and loops using the Pause and Rewind buttons.

Some years later, Tarik's love for listening to and creating music has only increased. He puts much concentration into sculpting soulful tunes and arrangements, using calculated directions and deliberate syncopations. Not one to consciously try to sound "different", Tarik Sabar both maintains his unique ways and acknowledges his many influences from past and present.

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