martedì 22 febbraio 2011

Julious Marvesol - Misteriada (a hip hop project with indefinite end)

Ai fanatici del turntablism e dell'hip hop grezzo consiglio questo spettacolare EP del produttore spagnolo Julious Marvesol (e anche gli altri lavori precedenti perchè meritano..).

6 tracce davvero di gran gusto.

Download gratuito dal suo Bandcamp!!!

Misteriada is a strange project of Hip Hop, abstract and metaphysical, unusual, old and actual, indefinite in outline and end. If this scare you and cause you reject, don't read more.

We speak about a producer / DJ who is accompanied in this occasion with many Mc's and some DJ's from different geographical locations, giving them full freedom to create the most diverse and colorful themes, stories, experiences or sensations, as they inspired the instrumental background.

All the scratches are made with dusty vinyl, no digital emulation (we stress that if there is any doubt ...). We love Hip Hop, the culture, the evolution, and the preservation of musical traditions, plastic and expressive.

The idea is simple: Misteriada being built right now, while you are reading this, its end is indefinite, it mutates, it changes everything.

Creations are projected from 2005-2006 and others that have been recorded a month ago ... Something timeless, yes, but with love.

It is advisable to listen on a stereo system with an optimal volume, in which your ears are comfortable, without causing listening fatigue by high sound pressure levels.

Enjoy with the trip.

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