mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

2 Dash Tone & Audio Games - The Anomaly

Oggi vi segnalo questo album di hip hop al 110%!

2 Dash Tone è l'MC e Audio Games è il produttore, "The Anomaly" è l'album: 13 tracce che trasudano funk, soul e rap della vecchia scuola.

Il risultato è davvero eccellente!

Download gratuito da questo link!

Anomaly: any occurrence or inconsistency that is a unique or peculiar deviation from an established pattern.

The Anomaly is a musical snapshot of 2 Dash Tone, as he recounts the ongoing process of becoming the man he intends to be. It is the diary of an aspiring rapper over the smooth and soulful beats of Audio Games. Complete with mindful lyrics to satisfy the truest of hip-hop heads, and enough flow for the likes of any mainstream connoisseur, The Anomaly is a unique blend of poetry and rhythm which can only be experienced through listening…so stay tuned!

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