lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Jenova7 - Dusted Jazz VolumeOne

Dusted Jazz Volume One è un EP gratuito del producer Losangelino Jenova7 che anticipa il suo album ufficiale Soul for Sale: 5 tracce tra soul, jazz, suoni "cinematici" e un pizzico di trip hop.

Download consigliato e gratuito dal suo Bandcamp. Andate anche a sentirvi l'anticipazione del disco ufficiale, sempre dal suo Bandcamp.

DUSTED JAZZ VOLUME ONE is a downtempo jazz EP by Los Angeles based trip-hop artist Jenova 7. Released on 9/13/2011 as a free digital download from the Dusted Wax Kingdom label ( The EP is an intermission between Jenova 7's debut album SOUL FOR SALE ( and the upcoming album THE SOUNDS OF SECTOR 7 ( The EP was completed in one month, and features a dark, raw and cinematic style that crests and troughs along its short path, ranging from nightmarish to dreamlike in sound.

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