mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Larry Achiampong - Meh Mogya (Sample Of Me)

Oggi vi segnalo questo interessante album strumentale di Larry Achiampong, Producer inglese di evidenti origini africane.

Le 21 tracce dell'album sono state prodotte usando campioni dalla Highlife Music e quindi tutto il lavoro è intriso di sapori e groove che arrivano dalla Terra Madre.

Un lavoro originale e gradevole. Download gratuito o con donazione da questo link.

The Title “MEH MOGYA” or “MY BLOOD”, when translated from Twi/Akan (a principal native language of Ghana) to English symbolises my intentions of the concept that I originally titled “SAMPLE OF ME”.

The aim of the project was to investigate, navigate; sample and re-present sound as a heritage/legacy of my origins.
This project uses samples from Highlife music of the 1960’s through to the early 1980’s.

This LP is created in special dedication to my son, Sinai Lee Achiampong.

In this record is a remnant of my origins, my dreams, fears, my passion and a legacy that has been passed on to me.

I do it justice in the MOGYA I have poured into this LP.

I pay homage to the true soldiers of yesterday and their struggle for freedom of Africans – their words have relevance today.

Special thanks to Emily Pethick, Louise Shelley and Roi Driscoll for all of their hard work on the vinyl release.

Special thanks also to Professor John Collins for encouraging me on my journey.

I give thanks to my mother and father for breathing me into being.

Thanks are due to NYAME for creating this beautiful project.

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