giovedì 3 novembre 2011

Dave Redi - Insomniac Music

Dall'etichetta olandese Supernice Music ecco il producer Dave Redi, che ha appena pubblicato questo splendido beat tape che dal titolo e dalla foto di copertina gli è costato parecchie ore di sonno!

Ne è valsa davvero la pena, dato che il disco è zeppo di funk, soul e boom bap suonato a dovere.

Download gratuito da questo link!

Dutch collective/label Super Nice Music presents its first release, “Insomniac Music” by producer Dave Redi. The beatsmith has the honor of having the first full length release on Super Nice Music Group with his instrumental debut.

Insomniac Music, the title says it all. After a 40 hour work week we can often find Dave in his home studio, crafting beats until the wee small hours of the morning. Hangovers, crusty voice and scruffy look and periorbital dark circles under his eyes, but Dave goes in just as hard the next night to do it all over again, which is characteristic for his drive and passion in this music game.

The Front Porch Poets producer, who was responsible for the bulk of the productions on their well received “For The Record” debut LP, spent the last six months crafting in the lab to deliver something special. “Insomniac Music” is Super Nice Music, and this is just the beginning.

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