giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

Ljones - Soul Below

Ljones è un giovanissimo produttore canadese che armato del fido MPC ha fatto uscire la sua prima raccolta di beats creati dal 2009 al 2011.

Samples jazz e soul con classiche batterie polverose fanno di questo album un must da scaricare e ascoltare a ripetizione.

Davvero una notevole sorpresa. Download gratuito da questo link o da qui.

LJones is a producer out of Toronto, Canada. His debut release is a collection of songs from late 2009 to early 2011.

"I got into Hip Hop young and easily since a lot of my older cousins were teenagers during the 90s. Some even were breakers, turntablist, and taggers. I started out with breaking, but gave that up for a set of turntables. I was always interested in the beat making process since i've been a fan of old records but my interest really grew as i started DJing. I didn’t seriously think of making beats till after I heard Nujabes when I was about 16, Hearing his songs and the very moving melodies with the boom bap drums of the golden era, really inspired me. I worked part time jobs and bought my own MPC when I was 18 and since then I’ve been trying to make beats and find my 'sound'."

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