lunedì 19 marzo 2012

Weight Of Thought - Weight Of Thought

Snafu 76 ai beats e Weight of Thought alle rime: 11 tracce dichiaratamente old school con rime conscious, quasi un concept album.

Un lavoro decisamente al di fuori degli schemi mainstream, che si può scaricare gratuitamente da questo link. Iniziate bene la settimana ascoltando questo album!

Experimenting with the old-school structure and feel of nineties hip-hop while infusing it with a new-school mentality and approach Weight of Thought have crafted something truly unique. Two artists have come together with a goal to pull and stretch the genre in new directions while remaining faithful to its core principles. Snafu 76's intricate and complex productions pave a path for the compellingly honest lyricism put on display by emcee Weight Of Thought. He relates his personal observations about the human condition effortlessly while remaining weaved within the fabric of Snafu 76's production creating a fusion of styles that wholly compliment each other. Their first LP self-titled Weight Of Thought is a testament to their uncompromising vision as artists as they bring us into their world of hip-hop.

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