mercoledì 4 aprile 2012

Figub Brazlevič - Oldschool Future

Un incredibile album di 42 tracce (!!!), sapori old school fortissimi, grandi atmosfere e ottima attitudine al microfono. Ecco quello che vi aspetta se scaricate il lavoro di Figub Brazlevič, Mc/produttore Berlinese.

Download gratuito o con donazione da questo link.

Figub Brazlevics Oldschool Future comes along with, believe it or not, 42 Tracks. With this album, you are sent on an exciting trip through Figub’s musical repertoire of the last 3 years while making music in Berlin. Always keeping the idea and the spirit of Oldschool HipHop reflected in his music, he offers a wide range of both elegant, atmospheric and really strong, intense beats. The whole masterpiece that consciously lacks a mastering, was created during the last 3 weeks, when Figub worked on the beats giving his old loops a new sense. Finally, this collage of beats finds its way into the collection of albums published via Sichtexot.
Figub Brazlevic likes the unconventional. This is why he chose a name for his album that somehow seems to be a contradiction. He wants to bring the old into the future. The artists, however, wants every listener to interpret the title in his own way. A special highlight on the album are the shouts by diverse people from Figub’s surrounding (eg. Torch, Nico Suave and Suff Daddy) that introduce each track. Altogether this album offers a wide range of tracks that all have the potential to provide an interesting variety in the HipHop industry.

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