martedì 25 settembre 2012

Somepling - CloudLoad EP

Da Parigi ecco Somepling che fa uscire un EP di 6 tracce polverose, jazzy e oscure come poche. CloudLoad è da scaricare e godere a più riprese, se poi siete veri collezionisti, si può ordinare (a pagamento) il vinile o il cd di questo lavoro. Download gratuito o con donazione da questo link. Consigliato!!! Chopping and slicing samples, MPC, beatstrumentals, classy, analog, soulful layers, hip hop music…Here are some of the keywords for Somepling’s new EP called « CloudLoad ». You’ll be invited to travel around those 6 tracks, on a jazzy journey, where everything is smooth and peaceful. Sometimes darker (« Sunday Suite », « Silentolium »), but always midtempo-ish cool-ish, it’s the work of a complete artist. Through those smokey joints, « CloudLoad » will leave you far away… you’ll go to a place where smoke-clouds equal music, and where communication turns into a poetic-indian-dance. We are very proud to make this release at stillMuzik… so we decided to make a limited edition CD, and also a few extra limited vinyl postcards for a beat souvenir to be sent (or not) to someone you appreciate. Because classy music needs classy objects, don’t you think?

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