mercoledì 7 novembre 2012

Vlooper aka NRV Loopa - Snowloops

Anche oggi segnalazione per un lavoro strumentale ai confini con l'abstract: da Montreal ecco Vlooper, che fa parte del collettivo dal nome impegnativo "Music is my Sanctuary".

 "Snowloops" è un album di 16 brevi composizioni particolari, dai beats storti e dai samples lavorati e triturati a dovere.

 Il download è gratuito o con donazione da questo link.

Music Is My Sanctuary is very proud to bring you the new VLOOPER record which happens to be our very first “release”. We have tons of love, admiration and respect from “traditional” labels which is why we won’t call ourselves one (at least for now). The most important thing here is that we are using our platform and voice to support artists we really love. I think that if we can help in a small way bring back respect to the artistic process of making a record, then it will all be worth it. If you happen to like an artist then you should support him or her and help them make more music, which you will love. (It’s a good personal investment!) About “Snowloops”: “The idea behind the record was to freeze a moment in time. My wife Modlee just gave birth to our little girl (which inspired the song “Little Queen”) so I wanted to mark the event by recording the sounds that were floating around during the birth of our first child. “Snowloops” is on a space is the place vibe: some disconnected parts, some connected. I was trying to capture all the emotions surrounding that period… but like most of my productions, it’s made for night walks and headphone trips.”

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