lunedì 25 febbraio 2013

J-Louis - Balanced EP

Otto tracce di soul-funk futuristico, voci femminili delicate ed eteree, atmosfere quasi chill out.

Ecco il nuovo EP di J-Louis, da scaricare gratuitamente o con donazione da questo link.

It was during a Soulection music session on a vibrant evening that one of our A&R's played us some unreleased music from J-Louis. The vibe and timing was just right. In fact, the first listening experience was some of the most refreshing and smoothest soulful-bass infused sounds that we heard in years. It was right then and there that we realized that the 19 year old J-Louis needed to join the Soulection team. J. Louis, ready to release his Soulection EP “Balanced”, definitely gives off future and forward-thinking vibes through out the entire beat journey. The vibe starts off with a dream like quality; something you’d definitely listen to on those after-hour late night drives with the windows down. All tracks are infused with soft female vocal samples ranging from Nikko Gray, Alicia Keys, Mara Hruby, Ruby Wood (Submotion Orchestra), and R&B queen, Aaliyah. J-Louis throws in a Spanish gem by giving us his twist on Elvis Crespo's “Suavemente”. 

J. Louis is definitely not a stranger to intricate drum usage and this is very prominent in Balanced. "I wanted to capture the listener's emotions and get others inspired by the sounds & samples I chose. I love creating that feel good music. Most of the tracks have female voices because I feel that only a woman can inspire a true work of art.. Thanks to Soulection I'm able to do what I love and will continue to do so in the future." -JLouis

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