venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Josh Hey - Ndeed

Dalla Paxico Records ecco il nuovo Ep strumentale di Josh Hey; 8 tracce al limite con lo sperimentale, 8 tracce sporche, storte e affascinanti.

Il download è gratuito da questo link, ma per i feticisti del vintage sono disponibili 50 musicassette in edizione limitata a 7 dollari.

Paxico Records is honored to release Ndeed, the next release by Philadelphia based producer, Josh Hey. This 8 track collection was recently given to Paxico by Hey after leaving an alleged 18 hour session recording session. When questioned of what the tape contained, Hey not only didn't reply but seemed to be in some sort of trance state, continuing to walk out in the night.

After being asked again later about a potential release, Hey admitted it sounded like something only he could've created, though he had little to no memory of it. Upon further investigation, the tracks did in fact live only on Hey's computer and stories of his creation of them have been substantiated by many who witnessed that night.

His other projects include Blasphemous Jazz, a compilation album with heavy hitters of the beat scene re-working Miles Davis’s ‘Bitches Brew.’ He's also one half of the Lanky Lad crew with Poptartpete, and has another recent collaboration with the now infamous producer Swarvy. 

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