martedì 17 maggio 2016

Moose Funk Squad - Hoof Prints Vol.2

Che bomba questo EP!!

Dal Regno Unito arriva questo gruppo dall'attitudine "Golden Age", con beats potentissimi dal taglio classico e rime quadrate che obbligano il collo a fare su e giù!

Cinque bombe da scaricare gratuitamente o con donazione da qui!

"After some time off rambling deciduous forests, the mighty Moose Funk Squad have now returned.

Not content with giving you just one EP to enjoy this year, the squad has gathered once more to shout obscenities into a microphone in rhythmical fashion to create a second.

This time, production duties are handled by none other than Lancashire badman Pete Cannon. Cannon has an extremely impressive production resume and has garnered critical acclaim all over the British Isles and beyond, with good reason. The beats on this project knock hard cuzzy, so sit back, press play and feel free to Moose at will.

If Hoof Prints volume 2 isn’t the best quadruped-inspired Hip Hop EP you hear today, you're a bloody liar."

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