martedì 28 settembre 2010

Doc Ish feat. Talib Kweli, Joe Budden & Sean Price - Is it a Dream

Uscirà il 27 ottobre l'album del produttore Doc Ish, "The First Treatment"; ad anticiparlo ecco "Is it a dream" con le featuring di T.Kweli, Joe Budden e Sean Price. La traccia è disponibile su iTunes.

Ecco la tracklist dell'album:

1. “Hi Kids” feat. Joell Ortiz
2. “No Goodbye’s” feat. Apollo Swyf & Burroughs
3. “Animal Grammar” feat. KRS-One & Burroughs
4. “She Did It Again” feat. Crooked I &Billy Danze of M.O.P.
5. “These Streets” feat. Max B, Red Cafe, Quan
6. “Cut My Throat ” feat. Ransom, Quan, Saigon & INS Deck
7. “I Wanna See The Whole World” feat. The Abnormals
8. “Is It A Dream” feat. Joe Budden, Talib Kweli & Sean Price
9. “Open Your Eyez” feat. Termanalogy & Hectic
10. “Stalker” feat. Bizarre (of D-12)
11. “Make Moves” feat. Buckshot, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, & Colloso
12. “Save My” feat. Nature, Royal Flush, Billy Danze of M.O.P. & Blacstan
13. “Problems” feat. Nipsey Hussle, The Abnormals & Ne-Yo
14. “War Outside” feat. King Gordy, Kool G Rap, Bizarre & Royal Flush
15. “Skys Are Grey” feat. Nature, Quan & Tarboy
16. “You Make Me Stronger” feat. Kool G Rap & Ma Barker
17. “Mo Money” feat. Uncle Murder, SK, NBS & Billy Danze
18. “FOH” feat. The Abnormals
19. “You Like feat.Samuel Adams
20. “Freestyle” feat. Supernatural

Docish - Is It A Dream by ariadmani

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