giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Goyang - Restoration

Se avete fame di soul, jazz e vibrazioni forti scaricate questo disco strumentale molto emozionante di Goyang.

Download gratuito dal suo Bandcamp.

I made these beats after coming up from a deep
and dark depression where suicide seemed like the only solution. I suffered for several months where each day of life felt like an eternity of mental anguish to the point of a complete breakdown. I didn't think there was an escape and medications did little to nothing. I continued to trust God and his Word only by his strength and miraculously one day-- how God parted the red sea for Moses and the Children of Israel-- I remember all the hellish anguish coming to a halt and I KNOW IT WAS GOD DELIVERING me from this great oppression.

Jesus Christ saves, delivers, heals, and restores. God still performs miracles today, just believe in Christ and his finished work of the cross and he will save you. He is THE ONLY WAY and is coming back soon. All these beats are inspired by him.

These tracks sound best with decent headphones because of some of the effects used. A bit of Old-school Flavor and New School Flavor any true Hip Hop fan will appreciate. Elements of some Jazz and Soul samples with varied drum sequences for some real ear candy. Enjoy.

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