venerdì 8 ottobre 2010

Ill Move Sporadic - The Magnetic Mixtape

Il team di produttori britannici Ill Move Sporadic ha pubblicato The Magnetic Mixtape, 13 tracce dal gusto soul-funk con featuring di svariati MCs inglesi.

Download gratuito dal Bandcamp degli IMS.

Ill Move Sporadic presents - The Magnetic Mixtape.

The Magnetic Mixtape only features tracks produced, written, mixed and mastered this year by the sensational beat group - Ill Move Sporadic (Nil Cage and Ben 81)

Created in their South London Acre Studio The Magnetic Mixtape is a showcase of several projects Ill Move have on the boil. It is an introduction and a taster of things to come from I.M.S and their fantastic MC roster: Oliver Sudden the Cronx Don, Joey Menza, Ddubble, SKD and Baska of the 2 Man Army and Lyon France based MC Katha.

This tape is the highlights of the past 12 months spent in the studio recording, mixing, writing and compressing tracks for your ears and minds, a trip from South London Acre Studios via the unearthed tape loops of a now defunct sound department of a 1960s television station. The Magnetic Mixtape also comes with a health warning as it is the only Mix tape this year to feature the voice of Sir Jimmy Saville.

Thank you to a neighbour and jazz enthusiast that left, in his will, a vast and incredible record collection to the Ill Move duo. This vast collection was plundered and deployed for many of the productions featured on the Magnetic Mixtape . Also many thanks goes to Aiden owner of a certain South London record emporium. Aiden occasionally supplied I.M.S kru with electricity at a charge of 1 English pound for their portable turntables.

During the making of this mix tape all rappers turned up to studio sessions on time. A new world record for uk Hip Hop.

"Lets face it most mix tapes are shit, boring written’s over standard beats - some prick shouting all over them and repeatative cuts from the likes of DJ whats his face. Mixed together with some faked freestyles that leave much to be desired and what have you got? 30 tracks ready to send you straight to sleep...We are looking to Stop this maddness!" - ILL MOVE SPORADIC

<a href="">The Magnetic Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Ill Move Sporadic (I.M.S)</a>

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