sabato 11 dicembre 2010

Kensee - Chameleon

Kensee è un produttore austriaco che ha appena fatto uscire questo bell'album in cui ospita artisti provenienti dalla Gran Bretagna, dalla Germania, Spagna, Polonia e, ovviamente dall'Austria.

Il download è gratuito dal suo Bandcamp.

Around the year 2000, this Austrian living producer first started experimenting with samples. Initially on a basic level, putting together final samples. A few years on, he started making and creating what u can call real music. Being influenced by his roots, Kensee started off making tracks with Polish artists. With three EPs under his belt, two of which were released on Polish platforms. Now comes the time for more activity both in Austria and internationally. So, Chameleon was born. Chameleon represents adaptability, with a variety of music styles and languages in a positive way. This album features artists from UK, Austria, Poland, Germany and Spain.

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