sabato 11 dicembre 2010

Wardie Burns & Werd - Vagabonds

Questo è un album-mixtape che ci dà un'idea del suono hip hop scozzese: 26 tracce belle massicce e ben prodotte con moltissime featuring come indicato qua sotto.
Download gratuito da questo link!

'Vagabonds’ released 10/12/2010 on Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) takes Edinburgh Hip-Hop artists Werd and Wardie Burns together for a joint release showcasing the very best of Scottish Hip-Hop. These two acts have made a strong impact in the UK underground scene and continue to build a reputation for being both outspoken and lyrical on the microphone.

Tracks vary on the Mixtape from songs such as 'Dead Prime ministers' taking a political stance, to alternative club tracks such as like ‘Lose Your Breath’ and ‘We Are Vaga’. The release also features other well known Scottish acts such as Madhat, Mog, Holmes, Riddlah, Nity Gritz and more. The CD contains all original production from UK producers and beatmakers. With this selection of 21 tracks plus humorous skits, it shows ‘Vagabonds’ has something for everyone, from die hard Hip-Hop heads to the casual listener… this is not to be missed!

'Werd and Wardie Burns - Vagabonds' also features: Riddlah, Madhat, Mog, Nity Gritz, Adam Holmes, Zambian Astronaut, MMA & Phat Dave. With production from UVBeatz, Scant Squad, Zambian Astronaut, Future Presents, Frietboer, K. Wishart, Jigz, DJ Sonny and Savage Sound System.

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