giovedì 15 dicembre 2011

Daron - Foresight

Foresight è il nuovo EP strumentale di Daron; ritmi sbilenchi e "choppati", atmosfera smooth grazie all'utilizzo di samples jazz e soul e al saggio uso di pad electro.

Un'interessante progetto che si può scaricare gratuitamente da questo link.

Hey Yall,
"Foresight" is the new instrumental project from producer/musician DaRon. Foresight is nine tracks of DaRon's all mellow mood music. The project could be though of as a hip-hop album or a jazz album, what ever you call it the smooth is in play. With choppy drums, spacey pads and melodic basslines, the vibe makes the journey a comfortable one. So can you think ahead? Are you prepared to move forward? Do you have enough "foresight" to know when your ready? If so we have the perfect soundtrack for you.

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