giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

DustyCrates - Out Of Order 2

DustyCrates è un collettivo di 7 producers viennesi con i fiocchi, che ha appena fatto uscire il secondo volume di Out Of Order: 21 pezzi che si alternano tra brevi tracce strumentali ad altre con featuring di diversi artisti.

Produzioni spettacolari in cui si miscelano samples "vinilici" a synth analogici, dando un suono originale e potente.

Da scaricare assolutamente in maniera gratuita da qui!

The Vienna based Dusty Crates are a vivid beat-collective founded in 2009 by Melik & Simp later joined by Olinclusive, Clefco, Pad Prank, Ra-B and Prokobeats. Exactly one year after the first release, the crew is already back to launch their second release, "Out of order 2". This album is about to hit your harddrives heavily. Three of the producers will also be performing their new music live at the official release party on thursday, December 1st at Xpedit in Vienna. Since we are sure all of you are into the wonderful feeling of sloppy beats and samples from dusty wax combined with the warm feeling of analogue synths, we would like to invite you to come on a journey that is about to turn the whole world around you upside down!

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