venerdì 25 maggio 2012

Kae - Quattro (EP)

"A week ago I downloaded fLako's beattape 'Leftovers' with tracks he produced in 2008 and I felt so inspired by what I heard I managed to write four songs in like an hour. So I decided to do 'Quattro'.

I call it an EP but it's more like just one 8-minute song, an illustrated journey into the wild in four parts, combined with mixed sounds I was hearing at that time, both from close surroundings and in my imagination.

Quattro means 'four' in Italian, and all of the four songs are recorded in my home during the past week."

All instrumentals are by fLako, out of 'Leftovers' beattape, all rights reserved to Kwatro.

Scaricatevi questo EP. Poesia pura. Download gratuito da questo link.

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