lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Makeshift - On Purpose Mixtape

Iniziamo la nuova settimana con questo mixtape di Makeshift, ottimo Mc statunitense. Il mixtape contiene solo 9 pezzi e anticipa il nuovo lavoro ufficiale di Makeshift, ma nonostante la brevità del lavoro, merita il download e un ripetuto ascolto.

Download gratuito da questo link.

As an artist, everything Makeshift creates is intentional, not just this mixtape. Whether it’s in short bouts of inspiration or well-kept streams of consciousness, On Purpose is a statement of the progression of deliberate Hip Hop. Collectively, the album is meant to pass on passion. It's chalk-full of inspiration he’s received and internalized from classics and regurgitates it in his own creative perceptions we know as bars. However, On Purpose is a very delectable appetizer to a full-course meal Makeshift is cooking up for fans with the release of his LP album next month. It’s important to note that every ingredient on this mixtape has been purposely poured and measured to the brim. From the lyrical timing and mastered volume control to the clever wordplay, Makeshift’s finished goods are just right. -Stephanie Jones

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