martedì 12 giugno 2012

Jesse Futerman - Fuse The Witches EP

Secondo lavoro ufficiale per il producer canadese Jesse Futerman: "Fuse The Witches" contiene 7 tracce ottime, con influenze jazz ed electro ed alcuni featuring niente male.

Download gratuito da questo link.

Second EP from Jesse Futerman on Jus Like Music Records.

As featured exclusively on Okayplayer.

Fuse The Witches features seven distinctive tracks to take the listener into the next chapter of Jesse Futerman's progression, including appearances from DJ Alibi and Milo (from Sibian & Faun) - plus the whole EP was mastered by fellow Canadian, Moonstarr. The cover art for this release was created by talented French aritst, Alice Dufay - who also created the cover art for Jesse's first EP.

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