mercoledì 6 giugno 2012

Thallus - To Gain Volatility

Oggi segnalazione doverosa per questo splendido album strumentale del produttore tedesco Thallus; 14 tracce oniriche e polverose da ascoltare a ripetizione.

Download gratuito e maggiori info da questo link. Consigliatissimo!!!

Blinding by the flashlights of the past, wrapping in the miles of the film, sinking in the sands of the memories.... This record sounds like if it uncovered in the middle of the ruins on the coast, sounds like a letter written by the sounds and broken instruments...When you will start to read this letter - you will start to understand the nature of the meaning "volatility"...Everything feels like a glimpse and the important thing in our life is to live in the moment...We try to gain the volatility (through music, photos, videos & art) to hope, that the moment would last longer...Longer than our emotions...

"To Gain Volatility" is a long-awaited debut official long-play from 22-year old german hip-hop producer Thallus, who is the one of the few young musicians in instrumental hip-hop music nowadays with highest level of creativity in his mind which allows him to convert each of his records into a new emotional piece with its own beginning and ending....In front of you 14 finished stories, 14 frames with its own sound and 1 year of the work over it...1 year of the life for the moment.

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