giovedì 19 luglio 2012

Context - The Monkey Bars EP

Da Canberra (Australia) arriva Context ed il suo nuovo EP intitolato "Monkey Bars". 7 tracce prodotte in parte dallo stesso Context, mentre due tracce sono prodotte da Jimmy Flipshyt.

Produzioni e rime sono di alto livello, e tutto il sapore dell'EP è particolare.

Download gratuito da questo link.

This is a collection of tracks produced and recorded over the last 3 months. For this project I decided to break away from my normal style and try a few different things. I wanted to play around with 'Funkier' beats and generally show all styles that I'm into and capable of whilst placing my own mark on each. I'm continuing to learn a lot about music and have taken a lot from this EP and hope to keep writing and producing into the years to come.

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