lunedì 30 luglio 2012

FenaxiZ - Vintage

Il blog sta per andare "in ferie", ma oggi vi segnalo questo bell'album del canadese FenaxiZ.

"Vintage" contiene 15 tracce di sapore "anni 90", prodotte da diversi beatmakers e le rime di FenaxiZ sono incisive e ben registrate.

Un ottimo esordio.

Da scaricare gratuitamente o con donazione da questo link.

Toronto MC FenaxiZ debuts his first full-length album called "Vintage," a 15-track collection of original songs carefully crafted with an appreciation for mid-90s Hip-Hop. Songs like the nostalgic "Golden Age" or the introspective "Empty Bottle" best display the sincerity and profound lyricism FenaxiZ is known for while the smooth "Queen (feat. August Rigo)" and posse-cut "Go For Broke (feat. Alex Dimez & Wylie)" serve as prime examples of his throwback flow. Production is provided by AmiR, Anonymous Twist, Incise, Jobe Wan Kenobi, The Quarter Inch Kings, and royceBIRTH as they fuse soul, jazz, and funk samples with neck-breaking boom-bap drums.

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