giovedì 9 maggio 2013

ElyonBeats - Journey

Oggi vi segnalo un album strumentale che è disponibile gratuitamente, ma che è possibile scaricare anche e soprattutto con una donazione che andrà ad una associazione umanitaria indicata nelle note di copertina dell'album.

Il produttore si chiama Elyon e le 18 tracce dell'album sono uno splendido viaggio nel soul, nel funk, nel chill out e nella musica orchestrale. Non lo definirei un disco di hip hop strumentale, bensì un lavoro di musica universale.

Download da questo link!

This album is created to help Neriya, Yull-Jung, and "G" raise money for their upcoming mission trip. They are truly passionate in going out to the foreign land, "unreached" nations to serve people and do God's work. Each needs around $2000 to raise and at the moment, they are having some difficulties..
Now the album is free to download, however, if you have any small amount of change laying around, I ask you to please make a small donation. Even a dollar would be appreciated. I invested countless hours into these beats, I would like to put them to good use.

Whether you are a follower of Jesus or not, your support counts and these three would seriously appreciate your help. In the end, it's all love. If you wish, you can read their prayer/support letter (included in the album) and pray for them (or just read about their stories).

Everyone's beliefs aside, we can all appreciate music and simply enjoy it. I Hope everyone will enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed making it! Again I say, "Thank You" for even reading this! I am truly grateful for all of my brothers and sisters who's supporting me. I pray my listeners will be blessed by this album and help them smile, laugh, dance, or even relax...

God bless,


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