martedì 7 maggio 2013

Trebles and Blues - From my Father

Ecco un vero e proprio viaggio sonoro. Il nuovo lavoro di Trebles and Blues è un album strumentale che racconta in musica la vita del proprio padre, immigrato coreano negli Stati Uniti.

16 tracce prodotte con campioni tratti di dischi coreani che trasuda emozione.

Uno splendido disco che si può scaricare gratuitamente da questo link.  

From My Father is an 18-track instrumental LP that acts as a personal narrative of my father's journey through life. My father was a South Korean immigrant that came to the United States with my mother to realize the ever-so-elusive "American Dream". Fifteen years after being in this country, he found himself in the middle of a crisis that resulted in him being deported back to Korea, with the strict order that he would never be able to step foot in the States again. He was abruptly separated from his wife and children, returning to his homeland with essentially nothing to his name. However, through patience and perseverance, he rebuilt himself while in Korea, and eight years later, my mother reunited with him and has lived with him ever since. Although this tale may seem specific to him, I felt that the nature of struggles, reflection, rebounds, reunification, and eventual triumph can resonate within any human being. Since I wanted this story to embody my father's personal life, I only sampled material that my father listened to when he was my age, which consisted primarily of Korean folk music from the 70s and 80s. Also, much of the music was given to me directly from my father himself, adding to the significance of the album's title. 

"This project is dedicated to my father, Seong Ho Yeo, and my mother, Hee Sook Moon. Your love for each other and for your children knows no bounds, and the story you share together is a testament to the power of patience, persistence, healing, and unconditional love. Thank you for the warmth and care you continue to bring to my heart. Even through the distance, I feel it every single day."


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