mercoledì 19 giugno 2013

Pure Dopeness International - Pure Dopeness Vol.3

Dal collettivo di beatmakers Pure Dopeness International ecco il terzo volume della serie Pure Dopeness: 18 tracce strumentali che arrivano da ogni angolo del pianeta e che regalano delizie ad ogni traccia.

In una parola: DOPE!

Download gratuito o con donazione da questo link.

This project will always be free. We will never sell out this underground beattape."Pure Dopeness" is and will always be priceless. It can't be sold. Just like the souls of each artist left in these 18 timeless masterpieces. That pure fire will never stop burning. All you have to do is take this present and spread it and share it as much as you can. Spread the word, "Pure Dopeness" is a perfect therapy for beattape addicts. Everywhere you go and chill you can play it. Turn it up and play it again. For us. Even at work! Anytime...
Get to know us.We are Sinoptic International, a unique and revolutionnary collective of worldwide beatmakers led by
Dj Hellblazer ( and
GooMar ( .
On board we have remarkable professional beatmakers from Japan, The Netherlands, USA, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, South-Eastern Europe, Brazil... Let's name Paul Hares, Prozak Morris, Hpnotic718, Hellblazer, GooMar, Keor Meteor, Radj, loop.holes, iLL.Sugi, Cor Stidak, Je$u$, Dr. Drumah, ParaDice, SmokedBeat and many more coming soon on Pure Dopeness vol.4... Spread the dopeness, support us, play our music everywhere in the world, don't let us down. We need YOU. Support our movement, we cannot exist and continue without you. Let's build this project together. We need to collaborate by helping each other. This is a huge s.o.s.. Show us love. By any means necessary. Don't wait. Act. You can do it easily. Just know that we are giving away a part of our souls and hearts in these pure dope beats. As i said, Pure Dopeness will always be free. It is priceless, it just cannot be sold. It must be shared for free without borders or frontiers. That's why you can easily share it, spread it. Don't hesitate to help us if you have the time. Don't just stand there like an old grandma. SPREAD THE WORD! (even to your grandma if she digs beats!) "Pure Dopeness" is the soundtrack of your life, it will never end, i will pass it on to my children who will pass it on to their children, and so on forever... I'm dead serious. I almost died while working on the release of this volume... No jokes I'm not complaining, we all have ups and downs. But i really saw Death from a close point of view a few days ago, just before releasing this magic Beattape. And what kept me alive was the audience of this project. YOU. My true family. I don't know who you are, what you do, where you're from, what you think or what you dream of... I just want to thank you endlessly for listening to our Art. Thank you infinitely from the deepest roots of our souls and hearts. We will always deliver you that real pure dope sound.
This is our Profession, our hard work, our Life, and we are sharing it with you because we love you. Not like in a stupid soap-opera tho. We truly love you for lending us an ear. So don't forget to think of us when you listen to "Pure Dopeness". We don't deserve oblivion. We need to spread this revolutionnary pure dopeness all around the world. We are truly universal, we don't judge or categorize anything. We just create masterpieces and release them for free every 2 months. Here on and nowhere else. That's why "Pure Dopeness" has a true potential to really become the most authentic beattape in the world. Make that happen. You can make miracles with a small effort. Keep us alive. And we'll keep bringing that Raw and Beautiful, Pure and Dope Sound from rare crackling-dusty vinyl sample-based creations to genuine and mad instrumental compositions... The Underground is coming out of the darkness in pure dope musical form. Make us come out from the dark. Make us shine and talk about us, play "Pure Dopeness" to all and everywhere. Make us mainstream. Be our family. Cos we are yours forever...
Stay tuned.

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