martedì 4 giugno 2013

Third3ye - Ajna EP

Sei tracce al limite dell'esoterico: ecco quello che ci aspetta scaricando il nuovo EP del duo Neozelandese Third3ye.

Produzioni perfette per le rime conscious della coppia di Mc's, un lavoro interessante e da gustare con calma.

Download gratuito o con donazione da questo link.

Praise be to the unifying universal intelligence that is expressed through all living things. Today, we celebrate the symphonic sound of life’s eternal vibration with our second organic musical offering, Ajna EP.
Firstly, we must give thanks to the powers that be for providing us with love, light, life and expression. In the temple of the soul we all worship you in some form.

Secondly, we pay homage to mother earth for always keeping us grounded. Forgive us for dishonoring you, forgive us for taking your grace for granted, in you we are eternally bound.

Thirdly to Ra, for the sustenance of light. In your death you provide life, for this we are eternally grateful.

Lastly, we give thanks to Ajna, the all seeing Third3ye chakra. On our eternal search for enlightenment you consistently generate perspective - profound in nature and subjective in origin.

One body, one spirit, one soul, one love.

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